Saturday, 1 May 2010

new beginnings

i'm not going to lie, for a very long time i lost the love i had for writing. after doing a degree that was predominately writing based, what had always been a life-long passion suddenly became a chore. instead of writing being my 'place' to express how i feel - a release - it became something that i associated with stress, pressure and a rather intense work load that never seemed to end.
however, a year to the day that i last put pen to paper - or in more appropriate terms, fingers to keyboard - i in the infamous words of cheryl cole got my mojo back. i suddenly wanted to write. infact i yearned to write, i realised how much i had missed it.
so, a little bit late, here's my blog. a place to ramble, a place to vent, to let off steam.
so welcome to the wonderful, slightly weird world of me.

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